Welcome to Danilith

Unique Innovative Approach to Create Your Luxury Home

Danilith provide a unique, innovative approach to create luxury bespoke homes throughout the South East of England. Whether you are considering a Self Build Home or Development Project we offer bespoke design, quality materials and traditional hand finishing combined with solid insulated walls and floors, excellent airtightness and high thermal mass to ensure an efficient comfortable environment throughout the year.

Danilith Delmulle has already been responsible for the build of over 16,000 bespoke homes in Belgium and throughout its neighbouring European countries. Our unique off site construction system can bring a number of benefits to your project, helping to streamline and simplify the process.

So what are the big advantages of our pre-constructed homes?

Speed combined with quality:

Factory built construction allows greater control of quality and consistency throughout the structure of your home. Doors and windows, manufactured by us, are pre-fitted to ensure accurate fit and air tightness. Hand finishing means you can be confident in the reliability and quality of our homes.

This substantial completion of construction work off site means you could be ready for interior work within 3-4 weeks of us starting on site.

No hold ups with the weather:

So many builds can see endless delays due to poor weather conditions, which can be frustrating and end up costing you more money as well as interrupting your build schedule.

With Danilith you can expect to have your structure completely weather tight in three to four weeks. This includes, foundations, internal and external walling, floors and a felted and battened roof. Not only this but pre-installed are all external doors and windows, dormers, roof lights, eaves and soffits. Internally walls are pre-fitted with service conduits and ready for scim plaster.