Danilith is pleased to exclusively offer Gravenhill clients a free installation of whole house ventilation from the leading European manufacturer Renson

Design and construct your dream home
More than half of Britain's population like the idea of building their own home. With that in mind, the notion of creating the largest self-build development at Graven Hill, near Bicester was born. The scheme has been designed to simplify the process and enable people to achieve their dream. The site is big enough to accommodate up to 1,900 self-build homes. And there is the potential to provide a wide variety of sizes, including large individual plots for grand designers or smaller plots for people on more modest budgets.

There are also opportunities for groups of people to work collaboratively to build their homes, perhaps creating a block of apartments or a terrace of eco homes.

Graven Hill will be the first large-scale project of its type in the UK. So you could be a pioneer; a trailblazer for a new way of delivering customised homes and empowering communities?

We would be happy to work with you in delivering your home in this exciting location.

Danilith is pleased to offer exclusively to Gravenhill clients a free whole house smart ventilation system from the leading European manufacturer Renson. The Renson Healthbox II system efficiently maintains air quality through the monitoring of CO2, Moisture and VOC levels, only extracting where and when required responding to your lifestyle.