A unique innovative approach to create a luxury home in weeks

Brick faced insulated concrete panels are assembled in computer controlled factory conditions to create self-build homes across the South East of England.

Our factory installed components in accurately formed panels, coupled with high levels of insulation, solid walls and floors, produce superior, robust dwellings that will stand up to extreme climates and offer comfortable, luxury dwellings in any style.

Pointing and finishes are carried out by hand to give a traditional appearance. Bricks are selected and mixed by hand to ensure a consistent appearance to all elevations. all pointing is carried out by hand, stone window cill and door thresholds are fitted by hand to ensure a perfect fit.

This attention to detail will all contribute to the beautiful look of your home.

Compared with other structures, the improved SAP ratings, better sound attenuation, excellent air tightness and balanced thermal characteristics, make for a much improved standard of housing all round.

A modern method of construction

Pre-constructed panels complete with windows and doors are precision made on a flat bed, which is then rotated vertically for pointing and finishing before leaving us for delivery to your plot. On Site, panels are placed on pre-stressed ground beams resting on a traditional foundation, solid floors are formed in-situ creating a robust box structure.