Thermal mass

Thermal Mass is an inherent property of a Danilith home

With our pre-constructed homes you'll find that heat energy is stored far more efficiently with our high density concrete structures compared to light weight structures such as timber frame.

Thermal Mass Effect

So what is this? Well thermal mass will regulate the internal temperature of your home. So while outside temperatures may fluctuate rapidly, inside the temperature will remain stable, allowing you to live even more comfortably, keeping you and your family cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

A Danilith Homes ability to store heat energy or maintain it's temperature will reduce the amounts of energy required for heating while preventing unwanted overheating in the summer months.

Optimal benefits from a Danilith Dwelling can also be achieved from under floor heating systems and a simple, balanced mechanical ventilation system to improve air quality and removing excess moisture. Assuming that an "A" Rated heating system is installed and that 'Easy Credits' such as water reduction measures are included, the basic fabric will exceed Code Level 3 requirements and with further sustainable additions higher Code Levels will be achieved.